CES for Anxiety

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is a quick and safe form of neurostimulation (which increases serotonin levels in the brain) that delivers a gentle, pulsed, alternating current via electrodes gently clipped on both earlobes for 15 minutes every day. CES is approved by EMA and used with the intention of treating a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. CES has been suggested as a possible treatment for chronic headaches, fibromyalgia and smoking cessation. You can buy CES AT-9 if you follow this link.

How CES works?

CES gently stimulates the brain to produce serotonin while lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, and also stimulates other neurochemicals responsible for healthy mood and sleep. CES enables the brain to produce serotonin naturally while improving the brain’s ability to regulate the limbic system. Proven in multiple published studies to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia.

How does it work for sleeplessness?

Sleeplessness starts in your brain, where electrochemical signals called neurotransmitters control whether we are asleep or awake. CES safely modulates the brain’s electrochemical signals, bringing these signals back into balance with electrotherapy.

How does it work for depression and anxiety? 

Your moods and emotions, including anxiety, are controlled through electrochemical signals in your brain. When these signals aren’t functioning properly,??the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate your emotions can become unbalanced. CES AT-9 machine uses low-frequency electrical pulses to stimulate the brain, transfer the signal to the brain and relax it.

How does it work for pain (chronic headaches and migraine)? 

The sensation of pain is transmitted through your body along billions of nerve cells that are specifically designed to transmit pain messages through electrochemical signals. This electrotherapy device uses a microcurrent waveform that effectively modulates the signals within the cell to provide significant pain relief and pain management without medication.

1. Patients with epilepsy or implantable electronic devices (such as pacemakers, insulin pumps) SHOULD NOT use CES;
2. CES is prohibited to use with high-frequency surgical equipment, short-wave or microwave therapy equipment at the same time;
3. Also, CES is prohibited to use near the chest or while drinking alcohol;
4. Patients who had recent hemorrhagic stroke should use this device with caution.

Before starting treatment with CES AT-9 please discuss this method with your doctor.

Price to buy CES AT-9 is 250 Euros (it comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

1. Does it have any side effects?
This is green category physical therapy device, no side effects, no usage dependency.
2. How often should the instrument be used every day?
As for general users, one to two times each day, 15 minutes for each treatment, 10-15 days for one treatment course, 5-7 days intervals for each treatment course. During the treatment, drink more still water, eat more vegetables, but less greasy and fried food.
3. What is the warranty for this device?
Manufacturer provides one year warranty from the time you purchase your device.
4. Is this product approved?
This product is approved by TUV 0197 CE, ISO 13485, ISO9001 CFDA.
5. Do you accept returns?

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