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Rachel on 8 November 2021:

I am delighted that I have met Dr Modestas as he has proved to be an excellent and unique consultant. My condition has existed for the last six years and it is only now that I have found a path that provides real results. His knowledge, humility and attention to detail have identified many avenues to explore and this without resulting in the usual failed pharmaceutical remedies. At last, I feel optimistic and look forward to obtaining his guidance as I, with God´s help, continue on my path to improvement. Thank you Dr. Modestas. Rachel

Diane on 20 October 2021:

My relationship with Dr Modestas came out of my daughter’s long-term consulting with him. I had observed how very attentive he was when any of her family were unwell and was always available by phone or text. She had suggested several times I would benefit from going to see him. I did not, unfortunately, get round to that (my poor organisation, financial, fear of embarking on something I was not happy with, or wouldn’t follow through with) until the stress of 2020 left me with quite a severe discomfort when lying down at night, and problems sleeping.
My 1st encounters were via telephone appointments, which were very encouraging and helpful. He is confident in reassuring you and setting a practical and straightforward plan. He was very helpful if I needed something clarified afterwards, and replied to emails or whats apps very promptly. I was very happy to pay the small amount required for the peace of mind, explanation and plan of attack, and felt better pretty much immediately. I eventually followed up with an appointment at his clinic, for a general health check.
I was so very glad I had that appointment as I had not known Dr Modestas was leaving NI 2 weeks later. (While he is now back in his native Lithuania he is still available for telephone consultations, and does visit his clinic in Belfast). I can hardly describe the delight in actually meeting him. He emanates warmth, love, care, understanding, focus, positivity and knowledge. I wanted all my family and friends to benefit from time with him! Another thing I have so appreciated in Dr Modestas is his emphasis on managing our own body’s needs, becoming familiar with the benefits from cheap everyday supplements (eg baking soda, iodine) & also how we can take control of any health concerns with many facilities available online. I was able to get detailed feedback on my thyroid with an online blood test, following this information. The NHS does not give any details re your T3 which is a very significant part of an underactive thyroid. My energies, and outlook, have so improved. Any fears I had re my health have been alleviated as I have learned ways to be aware, and very practical ways to treat and keep my body healthier.
Both my husband and myself succumbed to covid, and we believe it was through Dr Modestas’ management and recommendations that we came through it so well – if anything we are so much better prepared for any time of sickness and know how to set up our body for better health. He would go the extra mile and contact us by message, and phone call, even when there was no payment involved. His attitude is to pass it on, encourage others. When he would contact us (he was also quick to respond if I sent him a query by text or email) he had that reassurance we were glad of, and practical advice of how we were to treat whatever problems we were dealing with eg breathing restrictions, oxygen levels, severe nausea, high fevers. We would thoroughly recommend him for his expertise but also for his genuine care for us as patients. Not only is my health much improved since I have known him, but also my life experience – to meet someone who is so personal, caring and giving is a gift from above. Diane

Paddy on 20 April 2020:

Dr Jarutis is a breath of fresh air! A compassionate, knowledgeable, progressive doctor interested in many healing modalities. I’ve found his treatments, advice, and good humour very helpful. On my latest visit, Dr Jarutis taught me a valuable technique to improve not just my health but my state of mind and spirit: The idea that, to thrive, we need to have fixed our relationships with our parents, siblings, friends, partner, and children, in that order. If your parents are no longer alive, you can write letters to them. That’s what I did, and to my surprise, it opened up a reservoir of love and understanding. What a simple yet powerful technique! I finally hung a dust-gathering portrait of my parents on the wall, after keeping it in storage for many years. I’m not working on fixing my other relationships. This doctor’s vision of healing is holistic, astute, kind, and effective. I can’t recommend his services highly enough. Paddy

Ashleigh on 27 February 2020:

We have seen Dr Modestas on several occasions and cannot recommend him highly enough. He went way over and above for us in a very stressful situation with a sick toddler and helped us to get her back to full health successfully. He is so kind and calming. The fact that he is a trained Doctor but has a wealth of knowledge for more holistic healing filled me with confidence and appreciation for his skills. I would definitely recommend a visit if you are suffering from any kind of illness or discomfort! Ashleigh McAteer

Susan on 3 February 2020:

Dr Modestas is a remarkable man. He is professional yet caring, kind & generous with his time. He was recommended to me my husbands’ friend who had nothing but praise for him. I can understand why as I found his approach to be so refreshing and different. He does indeed look at the whole person. He used the fabulous bioresonance body scan to detect what the problem was. It was such a relief to at last hear what was the matter & he made suggestions as to how it could be treated. I have felt so much better since he saw me & I am so glad I went for my consultation. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who might need a diagnosis or an alternative approach to healing. He is a gentleman & a scholar & a pleasure to know. So many thanks Dr Modestas for your kindness & expertise. Susan McCauley    

Martin on 26 January 2020:

I had an appointment with Dr. Modestas yesterday and I was blown away with the treatment I received. I had been suffering from ailments with my gut and other phenomena for six weeks. During that period in which I had been suffering these affects day and night I had been to my GP, I had been to hospital and even A&E, all the tests revealed nothing and the doctors, although great and very thorough and helpful, could not explain the route cause of my problem. I still suffered my ailment and felt defeated and anxious so on the advice of a good friend I was pointed in the direction of Dr Modestas and his holistic approach. Within 30 min’s of using a scan he was able to identify a bacteria within my gut which had been causing all my problems. He then offered advice on lifestyle changes and discovered food allergies which had been enhancing my digestive problems and provided me with a list of foods I can and cannot eat. This advice has already put me at ease, his bioresonance scan also revealed a lower back ailment which I had kept secret which amazed me, such powerful technology in the hands of the rite man. I wish I had seen him 6 weeks earlier which would can prevented so much avoidable stress and anxiety. He is such a kind and gentleman with a calming persona which makes you feel entirely at ease. The experience was pure pleasure and educational in equal measure and I left feeling more informed about my body and health than ever before. Knowledge is power when comes to your physical and mental health and getting to the route cause is the key to your healing. Dr Modestas will find any route cause within 30 min’s, don’t waste your time with hospital waiting lists, see this wonderful man today, it will change your life. Martin McKenna

Patrick on 16 January 2020:

I have been attending Dr Modestas for six months and am very glad of the range and effectiveness of the various treatments that he has to offer. Modestas is a qualified Vascular Surgeon who has moved into “natural medicine” and combines great knowledge with compassion, understanding and humour. I hope to be able to continue to receive the benefit of his healing therapy. Patrick Doran

Yardena on 6 January 2020:

Love Dr Modestas. He is caring and knowledgable. My husband and I both use him and we love to see the improvement in our health through his cutting edge diagnostics aligned with alternative treatments and nutrition. Dr Modestas is a rarity in medicine: an experienced vascular surgeon as well as a holistic doctor expert in alternative therapies.
Everybody should go see him for a health check-up, advice and treatment! Yardena Vazana

Ruth on 6 January 2020:

It has been a real privilege and pleasure to receive treatments from Dr Modestas at his bioresonance clinic in Belfast. He is a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner and a caring and considerate doctor who takes time to give personalised advice to his patients which have real value and genuine benefits for their holistic well being. As I have recently received this life-changing advice and treatment which is first class and acted upon it for a healthier lifestyle, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Modestas. Ruth Irvine

Roisin on 18 December 2019:

I am very grateful to have been recommended to Dr Modestas by a very close friend. It has instilled me with hope again that healing can happen if you apply holistic approaches and faith in the process. My husband and I would highly recommend Dr Modestas not only for his natural holistic healing approaches but for the fountain of knowledge he provided. A life-changing experience for us both! Roisin McKenna

Anne on 9 December 2019:

I met Dr. Modestas for the first time on 5th Dec. He had been recommended to me by two different people who were both full of praise for him. He is indeed a very clever doctor.
Dr. Modestas made myself and my husband feel very welcome. Everything he told me, about the foods I should be cutting out and the foods I should be eating, made a lot of sense. This new way of eating will hopefully heal my gut and help me lose unwanted pounds.
My eating has totally changed since 5th Dec and in such a short time I already feel much better about myself. The Bioresonance scan is amazing.
Thank you Dr. Modestas. Anne Kelly

Pat on 13 November 2019:

I was so pleased to meet Dr. Modestas in Natures Way on the Newtownards Road. He very kindly had a chat with me and it was from that I then made an appointment at his clinic. He is very thorough and I came away with so much informative information. The products he recommended have already made me feel much better and I will continue to consult him whenever I feel the need. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Pat Lowry

Amy on 30 September 2019:

Dr Modestas is definitely worth a visit. Myself and my family have been helped so much by his work. Very genuine and friendly. Amy Davies Cupples.

Martin on 29 September 2019:

I was blown away by how Dr Modestas works. He was able to give me a full diagnostic scan and everything that came up was spot on. I had a niggling irritation that was correctly discovered and addressed. The whole experience was very enlightening and great advice given. My wife went first on the recommendation of a friend and her life as changed immeasurably. Highly highly recommend this experience. Martin Tohill.

Colin on 24 September 2019:

Very interesting and helpful advice from Dr Modestas. Told me things about my body that I did not know and explained how to improve my life through diet exercise etc. Highly recommend a consultation with him…. Extremely friendly and relaxed surroundings. Very happy and glad I went. Colin Davies.

Judith on 11 September 2019:

I was recommended to visit Dr Modestas as I felt that I needed a kick start….
Life has been busy so I really needed to make some time to look after myself. I’m happy that I took the time to do this. I was very impressed with the bioresonance as well as Dr Modestas knowledge on more natural ways of treating the body.
I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine and a holistic approach to health it was truly wonderful meeting a Doctor who has the balance of medical and alternative just amazing. I would highly recommend Dr Modestas.
Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Judith Mulgrew

Jean on 27 August 2019:

Yesterday was my second appointment with Modestas and I cannot recommend him highly enough, he is kind, warm and extremely thorough. His holistic approach is so refreshing and he is an absolute mine of information. I already feel so much better after only two visits. I am also amazed at the Bioresonance machine, it manages to diagnose and treat areas of concern. I am so delighted that Modestas was recommended to me, and I urge anyone debating about this to do themselves a huge favour and make an appointment. You will not regret it.
Thank you Modestas. Jean Keeling.

Ruth on 14 August 2019:

I highly recommend Dr Modestas enough. I had Bioresonance in the hope it could address 20 + years of insomnia. I also had digestive issues which I relied on Aloe Vera to aid. After 1 treatment, I have experienced massively improved sleep and my digestion etc without the need for supplements. For me, it was a very worthwhile investment. Ruth McClelland.

Veronica on 11 June 2019:

Great appointment – got answers my GP couldn’t give me and a lot of brilliant advice on how to progress to ensure the same issue didn’t repeat itself! Thoroughly recommend if you are tired of being given medication which isn’t working! Veronica Woods

Rhonda on 22 June 2019:

I was able to get to the bottom of an ongoing problem that the GPs were unable to diagnose – the scan is marvellous, it’s a shame it’s not widely available as it would save a lot of people being misdiagnosed and taking prescription tablets that they don’t need. I would highly recommend this procedure. Rhonda Whyte.

Mandy on 25 March 2019:

I have been to see Modestas twice so far first in January and again just this weekend. Initially, I went because I had a sore throat that I couldn’t shake due to postnasal drip. I’d done everything to sort this, from antibiotics, decongestants and every anti- on the market. Plus my beloved essential oils and everything only gave me temporary relief. Bioresonance however completely healed me literally overnight. The machine Modestas uses is awesome, not only does it diagnose, it also treats! So after an hour, I came away with a list of foods to avoid, supplements, minerals and homoeopathy meds to get plus my magic water. This for me will be a regular part of my self-care as I believe that the level of diagnostic accuracy available here is second to none. Its a no brainer that even if I feel on top of the world I will still be back at least every 6 months to check that I am a good as I feel. Modestas himself will blow you away with the level of information he can provide on all things health related and after all he is a doctor but different from your GP as he has the time and the skills to look at the entirety of your system and not just one organ or part in isolation, and that is the difference that really makes the difference! We are a complex organism that requires both synergy from within and our environment and that is how Modestas treats you holistically. This is simply the best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones. Mandy Reid

Tracey on 21 March 2019:

Well, what can I say I was very nervous about attending my 1st session. Well, all I can say is I was blown away by the knowledge enthusiasm for a “Better Me”. Modestas was polite and put me at ease straight away. He informed me how to start changing my life and the foods that have clogged up my body for years. I also had a short session of acupuncture on my knees I will start making changes into my life from tomorrow it a New Day… Thank you… 💕 feeling grateful. Tracey Stewart

Carole on 19 March 2019:

Many thanks for your consultations today, Colin and I were really pleased to have met with you and appreciate the findings that the Bioresosnace came up with. We will endeavour to make the appropriate changes in lifestyle to better assist our bodies. I personally want to thank you for your generosity of heart and to say that you are indeed a great inspiration and a shining light. Thank you and may you be richly rewarded for all that you do. Carole Shirlow

Jane on 22 January 2019:

I went to see Modestas for a variety of ‘symptoms’ including high BP and insomnia, I have been on BP medication since my late twenties. Despite it being a ‘water tablet’ and assured it was safe, my own research has shown it to be anything but! Since my visit on Saturday and after following Modestas advice, especially about drinking plenty of clean water and minute cold showers I already feel a great deal better. I will continue to follow his guidance. I feel inspired and motivated to change my old habits and develop some new ones. Oh, and I’ve stopped eating meat and poultry : ) Did you know we cruelly slaughter over 50 billion animals a year ??? ( Noah Yuval Harari) I have made an appointment with my GP to explain why I am coming off my BP meds. Modestas is a self-effacing, kind and wise soul, he is ethical in his approach and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Jane Emir Fearon

Abby on 17 January 2019:

I’ve seen Modestas for bioresonance twice so far, and like anyone else who’s done so, was so impressed by his knowledge, kindness and authenticity. His technology is some of the most advanced out there, and one session could save you years of appointments and stress with the NHS. I always leave feeling better, and with numerous tools and recommendations for quick and effective healing. Prior to seeing Modestas I was convinced I’d been ruined long term by psychiatric medication withdrawal and subsequent gut/other issues. Now I’m confident things will continue to improve, with the specific advice he’s offered and helping me to understand my mind and body a whole lot more. I’ll definitely be back. Abby Elfie

Gráinne on 12 January 2019:

After being wrongly diagnosed by allopathic practitioners when I had a skin complaint recently and later with ear trouble, I turned to Modestas and found that his knowledge and wisdom along with his use of bioresonance has made an enormous difference to my health. He was able to pinpoint the exact bacteria and viruses that were causing problems and using natural remedies ( like baking soda to alkalize my system) and supplements to my diet I’m now feeling and looking so much healthier. I recommend Modestas 100% and I feel very grateful to have met him!!! Gráinne McGregor

Natalie on 6 January 2019:

I went to see this talented doctor tonight, I was blown away with what shown up on the scan and the advice he gave to me. I would highly recommend him and I will definitely be back. Natalie McGann

Lyndsey on 2 December 2018:

Was really impressed with all the alternative therapies, and one of the most genuine therapists I have ever been to. thank you, look forward to many more treatments. Lyndsey Freel

Martin on 2 December 2018:

“I first met Modestas by chance whilst visiting the Helen’s Bay Organic Farm. In April 2018 I had to undergo emergency surgery due to a blockage in the bowel. They discovered that this was caused by bowel cancer, the tumour was removed during the surgery and I was on the road to recovery or so I thought. I was admitted back into hospital in August of 2018 and was told that cancer had returned and was very aggressive. Doctors at the Cancer Centre told me to prepare for the worst and gave a bleak diagnosis for my future.  It was a few weeks later when I met Modestas at the farm. After a brief conversation with him about my diagnosis, Modestas provided a free 20 minute consultation there and then. I was so impressed with the information he was able to provide in such a short consultation and the bioresonance scanning that I immediately made an appointment to see him at his clinic in Belfast and have been seeing him regularly ever since. Modestas’s ability to mix conventional medicine along with the newest high tech treatment, latest research and holistic practices is exceptional.
I am 8 months into my cancer-fighting journey and the difference in my physical and mental wellbeing has been noticed by everyone that knows me. I hope to continue my road to healing with the help and advice from Modestas. I would highly recommend the Holistic Doctor to anyone.” Martin McCann

Hugh on 12 August 2018:

“It is truly a new concept of therapy. The results are amazing, I will be recommending this therapy to others.” Hugh Quinn (Hypnotherapist)

Kenny on 29 July 2018:

“Modestas has brought great knowledge and compassion to healing my elderly father at home. Being a medical doctor and a practitioner of many different healing therapies makes him unique as he is able to combine both disciplines with great effect.” Kenny Boyd

John on 5 July 2018:

“What I like about Modestas approach to health is that he comes from conventional medicine promoting a holistic approach to health as a compliment to conventional medicine and not as a substitute. His understanding of the role of nutrition and diet as a pathway to good health is refreshing…” John McCormick

Paul on 23 June 2018:

“I found Modestas to be very patient, pleasant and I felt that I had his full attention. His previous career as a medical professional made me feel confident in discussing my health concerns with him.  Also, he took his time with me and I did not feel rushed (as I often do, in a GP’s surgery.” Paul Kelly

Dearbhla on 21 June 2018:

“There is no greater route to health and well-being than being open to the information and learning that will empower you to make the right choice. Modestas has so much information to share. It is worth every penny to invest in your health and this is an incredibly efficient process.” Dearbhla Reynolds

Ann on 2 June 2018:

“I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing bioresonance scanning and healing with Dr Modestas. It was very accurate in its diagnostics but also extremely relaxing in its treatment frequencies. I also had the joy of speaking to Dr Modestas who is a trained vascular surgeon & experienced researcher. With someone like him in the healing Profession, I sincerely believe there is hope & I have no hesitancy in recommending his skills. Thank you Modestas for your time, attention & for what you do!!!” Dr Ann Donnelly

Lynne on 1 June 2018:

“Modestas was able to show me on his laptop the areas of my body that needed attention. My body was scanned from head to toe, and I could feel a really lovely sense of well-being from the frequency that was covering my body inside and out.
It was of no surprise to me that there were a few areas that needed attention. His scanner was able to tell me that I had disrupted vessels at the back of my throat and that one of my teeth had an issue. I was able to confirm that I had root canal work done to that tooth and that I had a nosebleed earlier that morning. This amazed me, but also reminded me of the power of nature and technology combined.
My left eye muscles were weak, so he was able to zone in and put the appropriate frequency to my eye and then send it to a conductor that held organic peppermint tea. I then drank the tea. Water has the ability to transport energy through it’s molecules in such a powerful way. My eyesight in that eye has continued to improve even after that 1 session.
Modestas was able to tell me that I had been coping with a Viral infection deep in the bottom of my gut. I knew that this was coming as I have in the past 8 months been coping with deep anxiety and stress through a number of major life changes going on all at the same time.
In the name of self-care, I have had to take myself away from stressful situations to tend to my own needs to recover, so it was great to be able to see where my symptoms were coming from. Again Modestas repeated the procedure on my gut, and I believe this has improved the situation in that area.
I would recommend Modestas, not only for this amazing and life-changing service but also the kindness and generosity of himself and his lovely wife who served me with such hospitality and care.” Lynne McCullough

Dalia on 13 May 2018:

“I have some chronic problems so decided to try Bioresonance and made an appointment with Dr Modestas Jarutis. He is very professional and gave me a lot of information. Got checked all my problems, got some treatment straight away, got advice and I can say I’m feeling much better already. Big thank you !!! Very highly recommended.” Dalia Gedminiene