Hair Mineral Analysis


There are many reasons to get a hair mineral test, as not only can we test hair for toxins, but by performing a hair mineral analysis we can find the common causes of mineral intolerance, diseases caused by deficiency of vitamins and when your doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong and can’t find the reason you’re ill, we uncover the indicators that lead to diagnosis, treatment and recovery. We also provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report.

There is plenty of scientific research that links vitamin & mineral deficiencies to cancer and other diseases and the quickest and most reliable way you can find out if you’re at risk is to get a hair mineral test. For only 90.00 Euros this test will give you all the information to help you beat illness before it even starts. This is the best way to see your progress of the detox process.

Simple and Effective Results

Even if you’re not sick, imagine being able to detect how your body is functioning at a cellular level and find out if you’re at optimum health or check for genetic disorders. It’s not only amazing, it’s entirely possible which means you’re in control of your health and have all the information you need to make tweaks to your diet or get recommended supplements to prevent potential health problems.

There has never been a better time to be in great health as the world we live in is toxic. We’re subject to pollution, GMO’s, heavy metals, E numbers, EMF’s and contaminated plastics. Everything we come into contact with has an effect on our body and even the healthiest among us can be affected. A diagnosis can be laborious and takes too long. These reasons all contribute to the importance of hair analysis in the busy world we live in today. The good news is, we have a solution that’s both simple and affordable. Only for 90.00 Euros, you can get your hair mineral test done today. To discuss your situation and the benefits of hair mineral analysis please phone +447727261068 or +37063844194