We all know that negative emotions like long-lasting stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and anger each have bodily warning signs attached to them. Researchers have discovered in this study that there is a strong link between negative emotional states, brain circuitry, inflammation, and an increased risk of heart disease.  
Not everyone knows that swallowed negative and positive emotions are hurting us the same way and that they are causing more than 80% of all chronic diseases. Most emotional events are caused by family, friends and work colleagues. Sometimes by random people.
A simple way to start is to check with your best friend, mum, dad or partner (from 0 = very bad to 10 = perfect) how you today fulfil your roles as:
1. Friend
2. Partner
3. Mum or Dad
4. Daughter or Son
If any of these areas are below 6 please use tools below and say sorry or thank you depending on the situation.
Tools to release swallowed emotions are below:
More you can learn from this video
Below is another method for dealing with emotional pain.
1. Sit or lie down and relax, breath in and out through the nose only.
Clear your mind from any thoughts (you can try helo thought, good buy thought method)
2. Tell yourself that now you are dedicating 10 or 20 minutes to heal yourself.
3. Close your eyes and try to detect where tension, pain or discomfort (physical or emotional) is located in your body.
4. After detecting the location imagine the sunlight flowing into your tension/pain area for a few minutes.
5. Ask your self what is that, what is the reason behind, where that tension/pain came from, what kind of memories bring this? 
6. Breath and wait for the answer or clue. Your subconscious can bring you back any memories, thoughts or situations that you completely forgot
7. Now,  when you have an even small answer, analyse consciously that pain, situation or thoughts. If emotions appear, let them come out (cry, shout…). 
8. Now, loudly thank the situation, pain and your experience, because it served you to make you stronger and more experienced. If that was a person, thank him/her in your mind as well for making you stronger.  
9. After thanking, tell yourself, that you are now transforming that pain into the higher/golden/sun energy. Imagen light explosion where your pain burns down and disappears. 
10. Say loudly to yourself: it happened and now I am free from pain.
11.Thank the universe/god for the help.
Repeat this every time when you feel discomfort again in your body.
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